Vibration  Sensor

Vibration Sensor

I²oT-SmartSense-VB-001 triaxial accelerometer vibration sensor which measures the acceleration force, either static or dynamic. This sensor is useful for measuring vibrations and movements in a system. Easy installation.




  • It is a wireless industrial grade sensor, with autonomous power supply, long transmission range, capable of measuring vibrations with variations between -16g and +16g on the three x axes, y, z through a measuring probe.
  • The accelerometer measures speed and overall acceleration.
  • It has a frequency range (bandwidth) 0-480 Hz.
  • Connectivity in mesh networks through their wireless communication with the GATEWAY I²oT-SmartGate-RP-001.
  • Waterproof probe in PLA material box and an operating temperature between 400C and +850C.
  • Autonomous power supply via an AA battery.
  • Very low power consumption, allowing up to 500,000 measurement transmissions with a single battery.
  • Box with electronic components is made of polypropylene, with a degree of protection IP65.
  • Detachable antenna.
  • Quick assembly.

The I²oT-SmartSense-VB-001 Triaxial Accelerometer Vibration Sensors measures vibration on all 3 axes: X, Y and Z. It has three crystals positioned so that each reacts to vibration on a different axis. The output has three signals, each representing vibration on one of the three axes.


  • Industrial machinery.
  • Transport vehicles.
  • Electronic equipment among others.

By using an accelerometer you can understand the mechanisms of a system by taking different measures such as:

  • Acceleration, angular acceleration. Speed.
  • Position.
  • RPM or angular speed.
  • Angle.
  • Impulse and impulse energy.

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