The Solution

Wireless communication monitoring solutions for electrical busways

The I²oT-SmartSense monitoring system allows users to monitor multiple units in different locations and do management and visualization in a single centralized point.

What to monitor?

 A constant monitoring system allows to monitor in an analytical way the joints of the busways and the vibrations of the system being able to identify on time an abnormal temperature increases in the joints or contacts of the bar ducts and be able to apply correctives early to avoid catastrophic damage in the facilities, reducing operating and maintenance costs. You must monitor:


  Temperature sensor between 0°C and 80°C


Triaxial accelerometer vibration sensor

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Easy and quick installation

Reduction of labor costs associated with periodical inspections

Increased system reliability

Reduction of maintenance costs

Easy integration to local or remote monitoring system

Direct temperature monitor on heating point

Continuous monitoring 24x7x365

Definition of alarms and pre-alarms and sending by SMS or email

Possibility of logging and storage, sending reports and analysis of measurement trends through the cloud monitoring platform

I²oT Solutions

I²oT Solutions by sector

We have an I²oT solution according to your business and need.

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