Device monitoring and management

Device Monitoring and Management

Platform designed to manage devices, collect data, process and visualize the Industrial Internet of Things solution.



Platform in the Cloud.

Multiple languages.

Integration to other API platforms.

Collect and visualize data.

Process and act.

View multiple sites on a single screen.

Sending email with notification of alarms and events.

Sending SMS with notification of alarms and events.

Basic analytics

Basic Analytics


Establishment of rules with conditionals to generate specific actions based on telemetry.


  • Activate device.
  • Deactivate device.
  • Work orders (maintenance based on condition).
  • Generate event.
  • Generate critical and major alarms.
  • Send an email and SMS.


Creation of mathematical formulas from telemetries to generate and storage of third variables with indicators and trends.


  • Based on data received from telemetries, specific algorithms per solution.
  • Functionality on the same platform.
  • Possibility of delivering API data for analytics on another platform.



Integrate Asset Management functionality to take your business monitoring to the next level.

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