Collision Sensor

Collision sensor

Collision sensor. I²oT-SmartSense-ID-001 which detects sudden movement on the surface to which it is attached. Easy installation.




  • It is a wireless industrial grade sensor, with autonomous power supply, long transmission range, capable of detecting hits, pushes or sudden movements through a measuring probe.
  • Vibration sensitivity is adjustable.
  • Connectivity in mesh networks through your wireless communication with the GATEWAY I²oT-SmartGate-RP-001.
  • Waterproof probe, PLA material box and an operating temperature between -40°C and +85°C.
  • Autonomous power supply via an AA battery.
  • Very low power consumption, allowing up to 500,000 measurement transmissions with a single battery.
  • Box with electronic components is made of polypropylene, with a degree of protection IP65.
  • Detachable antenna.
  • Quick assembly.

The I²oT-SmartSense-ID-001 collision sensor is used to detect bumps, thrusts and sudden movements on the surface on which it is installed, e.g. doors, windows, duct covers, etc., allowing immediate alert to intrusion attempts.


  • Intrusion detection to cabinets or telecommunications cabinets in outdoor applications.
  • Detection of unauthorized movements of machinery or industrial equipment.

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